Conference topics

10th  International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology (RAA2019)

03.09. – 07.09.2019
in Potsdam (Germany)

Topics of the conference

The Congress will cover all topics of Raman spectroscopy in art and archaeology and focus on the following themes:

  • Material characterization and degradation processes
    (pigments, inks, plastic materials,   photographic materials, gemstones, stones, plaster, concrete, precious stones, glass, ceramics, contemporary materials etc.)
  • Conservation issues affecting cultural heritage
    (decaying, corrosion, etc.)
  • Raman spectroscopy of biological and organic materials
    (resins, fibres, ancient organic compounds, etc.)
  • Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
    (dyes, organic pigments, etc.)
  • Chemometrics in Raman spectroscopy
  • Development of Raman techniques
  • New Raman instrumentation and applications in cultural heritage objects investigations
  • Raman spectroscopy in paleontology, paleoenvironment and archaeology
  • Other topics